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Welcome to my blog! I am new to blogging, so I do not know exactly at this point how this blog will turn out. At the moment, I think it will mostly be devoted to sewing and possibly a bit of knitting. I have been sewing for 20+ years now, but think my skills are still quite limited. Sometimes I abandon projects when they are close to completion, because I cannot decide on how to finish them. Hopefully, by documenting my progress in a blog I will feel more motivated to learn new skills and complete projects so I can write about them!

Another thing I would like to develop is using vintage sewing patterns. I have been collecting vintage/second hand fabrics and have sewn vintage-inspired garments for many years now, but only recently I have started to immerse myself in the wonderful world of vintage patterns, which has resulted in a small collection of vintage patterns, magazines and pattern systems. Now is the time to start sewing with these patterns!


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