After the break – wardrobe update part 1

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Longest break in the history of this blog! It was not my intention to take such a long hiatus, but here we are, almost two years after my previous post. I have missed blogging but had to focus on other writings, including finishing my dissertation. Still, even after submitting my dissertation, which was long overdue, I found it difficult to… Read more »

A (very) wearable muslin: Simplicity 1587

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Over the past few years I have grown very fond of 40s-style dresses and I have managed to accumulate quite a few vintage and reproduction patterns, as well as suitable vintage fabrics. Although two dresses I completed last year (Butterick 6282 and Butterick 6363)  haven’t made it to the blog yet, I still have much more material than I can… Read more »

A warm woolen winter skirt

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Happy February dear readers, I am glad that January is over! It will never be my favorite month, but this year’s January was particularly dreary and sad, as was the beginning of February. The rest of this month should be better, if everything goes according to plan. My daughter’s birthday is coming up, my boyfriend will be starting a new… Read more »

Burdastyle knotted shirt

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Hello! I did not want to have another month pass without a post, but taking pictures is not easy this time of the year. Fortunately, I remembered that I had already photographed this top, which I made in April and have worn frequently throughout spring and summer. This is the knotted shirt, #101 in Burdastyle 10/2016. As soon as bought… Read more »

Big pockets, wide legs, my kind of jeans

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Quite soon after I made the velvet sailor pants, I decided that I wanted to reuse this pattern, #113 from Burdastyle 10/2016, to make jeans. The big curved front pockets reminded me some vintage/retro/reproduction jeans that I’ve seen around and I figured that they would go well with many of my selfmade blouses. This mid-weight jeans fabric with some stretch… Read more »

1950s knitting magazines

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While I go thrifting a lot, I rarely come across sewing or knitting patterns predating 1960. Earlier this year, however, I happened to stumble upon a small stack of knitting magazines from the 50s and early 60s and as they were very cheap, most came home with me. Judging by what is on offer on Tradera (Swedish e-Bay), Stickat (Knitwear)… Read more »

Summer paisley

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Hi, I am back! One of the reasons why I tend to put off posting is that I find it hard to get satisfactory pictures of me wearing the garments. The light and/or weather conditions are not always optimal to take pictures indoors and the outdoor pictures are often a bit rushed, because we’re on our way somewhere/feeling hungry/thirsty/uncooperative etc…. Read more »

Minimal effort, maxi skirt

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Hi there, it’s been a while! I am still sewing and make at least two garments a month, but some things are not that blogworthy and others refuse to be photographed. Today’s post is about one of the fastest things I made for myself this year: a long summer skirt. I haven’t worn maxi skirts and dresses for at least… Read more »

Return of the black velvet pants: vol. II

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The back velveteen pants I made last year are already showing signs of wear, so I figured I’d better make an additional pair before they completely fall apart. While last year’s pants are super comfortable I do find the semi-fitted legs seem a bit plain and boring, so this time around I went for a more pronounced wide-legged shape. As… Read more »