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1950s knitting magazines

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While I go thrifting a lot, I rarely come across sewing or knitting patterns predating 1960. Earlier this year, however, I happened to stumble upon a small stack of knitting magazines from the 50s and early 60s and as they were very cheap, most came home with me. Judging by what is on offer on Tradera (Swedish e-Bay), Stickat (Knitwear)… Read more »

Experiments with Silver Scissors: day dress completed

This whole month I have been enjoying the #VintagePledge July Extravaganza with daily posts over at A Stitching Odyssee and Kestrel Makes. High time to present the third garment based on a vintage pattern that I finished this year. I knew that I wanted to sew at least one vintage summer dress, but had a hard time deciding what pattern… Read more »

More Silver Scissors!

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While I am waiting for an opportunity to take pictures of my latest completed garment – a black skirt that does not photograph well during these dark and cloudy days – I thought I might as well write a post about the Silver Scissors ring binder I found on Tradera last month. I first came across the Silver Scissors pattern… Read more »

Around the world in a paper plane: vintage paper cut-outs

Last month, one of the antiquarian bookshops in our neighbourhood had a closing down sale. Every item in the store cost 20 kr. While I am sad to see these kind of shops go, I have to admit that I prefer to buy books online where I can more easily find the specific things I am looking for. No matter… Read more »