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While I am waiting for an opportunity to take pictures of my latest completed garment – a black skirt that does not photograph well during these dark and cloudy days – I thought I might as well write a post about the Silver Scissors ring binder I found on Tradera last month. I first came across the Silver Scissors pattern system in April, when I bought a complete kit containing a red ring binder and the original French curve and tape measure. My first experiments with Silver Scissors looked promising, so I decided to keep an eye out for supplements and other versions.


A Danish version of Silver Scissors, undated but probably from c. 1950.

My first Silver Scissors binder is in Swedish and a postmark indicates that it was sent to a previous owner in, most likely, 1955. My latest acquisition is a Danish version that lacks a date but appears to be earlier than the Swedish edition. First of all, the list of countries in which Silver Scissors was distributed is much shorter and does not include Sweden. However, small notes found between the first pages of the introductory booklet say that this Danish version was in fact sold in my hometown Malmö and that a Swedish translation would be send out shortly.


While the fashion illustrations in my Swedish Silver Scissors book are a mix of drawings in differents styles and – often blurry – photographs, either in black and white or in various colours, the style of the illustrations in the Danish version is very consistent. Only a couple of models are photographed, but the vast majority is represented by black and white drawings, sometimes with the addition of a single colour.


Look, the patterns have names! Although I fear that the names “Anita” and “Yvonne” have lost much of their glamour throughout the decades, in particular where I grew up. The logo next to the models says “Werber mode” instead of “Silver Scissors”.

About a third of the patterns overlaps with those in the Swedish edition. Many of these are my favorite patterns in both versions and it looks like they were popular with other sewers too. When composing the Swedish book some pattern numbers ended up in the wrong order, which can be confusing when looking for the pattern pieces. The Danish book, however, is more organized and includes a list of all the models and the corresponding pattern pieces, which are all marked by letters.


Not sure if I like the sleeves on “Margarete”, but: triangular cut-outs! “Jeanette” was already one of my favorites in the Swedish edition and is very high on my to-do list.

Although some fuller skirts are represented as well, most skirts are relatively narrow or flared, which I guess also indicates an earlier date. Overall, the book contains quite a lot of casual separates and two-piece dresses but fewer dresses that take huge amounts of fabric than the later version.


I love the diagonal closure of the blouse to the left and it would be interesting to try out the wide-legged pants and see how they fit.

At the moment, I like my Danish Silver Scissors version better. It might be because it is new to me and because the consistency of the designs and illustrations is more pleasing to the eye. The main reason, however, is that it comprises more garments that I could imagine wearing myself and that I can realize with fabrics from my stash.


I really like the bodice of the dress to the left, but I fear that the double-breasted closure is not a good look for me. I have been meaning to make a short swing coat for a while and think that no. 38 might be a good candidate.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to sew more with vintage patterns. This was also one of my aims when starting this blog, but, so far, I have hardly gotten around to using my modest vintage pattern stash. The main reasons for this are that unfinished and ongoing projects that I started on before this blog are Burdastyle and Knipmode patterns, as well as the fact that I am just so used to working with Burdastyle that it seems easier to just pick a vintage-style garment from one of the magazines in my stash than opening an envelope with fragile pattern pieces and figuring out how to adjust it to my measurements. However, the advantage of Silver Scissors is that one drafts the pattern based on ones own measurments, so while not perfect, it provides a better starting point than many vintage patterns in my stash. Anyway, let’s end this post by looking at some pictures!


Cute dress with matching bolero. Summer seems so far away now…


A very elegant suit with plaid placed in different directions. I like how they show the back of the design by having the model’s doppelgänger walk in the opposite direction.


Another umbrella pose. I love the silhouette of this coat and the contrasting collar and pockets. I really have a thing for jackets/coats that close with two buttons at the waist.


No lack of diagonal plaid here either! I would make/wear this sweater/blouse in a heartbeat, if only I could decide on what stash fabric to use.


One of my favorites! I love the draped neckline/sash and the possibility of combining fabrics.


9 thoughts on “More Silver Scissors!

  1. PinhouseP

    The artwork in this version is gorgeous! I have been looking around for other issues of these books but haven’t seen any. I’m planning to start my “silver sewing” once the holidays are done.
    Thanks for showing off your book, it’s full of gems!

    1. iris Post author

      You’re welcome! I think I saw a Danish version before on Tradera, but at the time I assumed it was the same as my Swedish version, just with a different cover. Fortunately, the overlap in patterns was not too big, but it really makes me wonder how many different versions are out there. Good luck on your Silver Sewing and let me know if you would like me to scan some patterns from the Danish book in the future!

  2. Ellinor Forsberg

    Hej! Vilken helt underbar pärm du hittat!! Jag har bara den svenska och skulle mer än gärna komma i kontakt med dig angående lite mönster 🙂
    Snälla hör av dig till mig på mejl eller facebook. fb Ellinor Forsberg (blodig halloweenbild) eller info snabel ellyplump se

  3. Janine Kloubert

    Dear Iris,
    I found the ruler on a flea market…. here in Germany it is called Moderex and comes with a manual to resizing commercial patterns. On the side of the ruler is mentioned Silver Scissors.
    Therefore I found you…. I am fermiliar with Lutterloh (Goldene Schnitt) and I would be very happy if you could help me further with the manual of silver scissors and the standard pattern for a dress.
    Thanks Janine

    1. iris Post author

      Hi Janine, how interesting to know it’s called Moderex in Germany, I had no idea! Did you see the post from July that includes some pictures of the (Swedish) manual, perhaps that helps? I am by no means an expert and still haven’t sewn much with Silver Scissors, but I wrote these posts thinking it would be useful to share the little information I have as I couldn’t find much on the internet myself. I am not sure what you mean by the standard pattern for a dress, my Silver Scissors books do not contain standard patterns, only patterns to enlarge. Do you know from what time Moderex is? Best, Iris.

  4. Marie Kramer

    Hello Iris!
    I’m OBSESSED with pattern systems like this and have amassed quite a collection both in real life and via internet piracy 😉 that I am making available to anyone who wants to see it.
    If you are interested you may feel free to email me at– I very much would like to know more about your Silver Scissors copies and to know if they match up to the edition I have pirated already lol.
    I’m just trying to collect any information I can about systems like this as I am absolutely fascinated by them.

  5. Janne Andersen

    Hellig Iris.
    I collect craft books, and have had the Danish version og Silver Scissors for several years, but unfortunately without the rulers. Do you have any idea, where to get one? I have taught sewing in a continuation school for many years, and I would so much have liked to sew some of the patterns with my students, but I’m retired now, so that won’t happen!🙄

    1. Iris

      Dear Janne,
      I apologize for my slow reply! Once in a while, a Silver Scissors book including the ruler is for sale on Tradera, but not very often. It should not be too difficult to make one yourself, though, based on the photograph in my first blog post about Silver Scissors. Good luck!

  6. Marjie

    Hello Iris, I found an English version of a Silver Scissors pattern book in a flea market years ago. It looks like late 1940s. Unfortunately without the ruler. Still hoping one may be for sale somewhere.


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