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Burdastyle knotted shirt

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Hello! I did not want to have another month pass without a post, but taking pictures is not easy this time of the year. Fortunately, I remembered that I had already photographed this top, which I made in April and have worn frequently throughout spring and summer. This is the knotted shirt, #101 in Burdastyle 10/2016. As soon as bought… Read more »

Big pockets, wide legs, my kind of jeans

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Quite soon after I made the velvet sailor pants, I decided that I wanted to reuse this pattern, #113 from Burdastyle 10/2016, to make jeans. The big curved front pockets reminded me some vintage/retro/reproduction jeans that I’ve seen around and I figured that they would go well with many of my selfmade blouses. This mid-weight jeans fabric with some stretch… Read more »

Return of the black velvet pants: vol. II

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The back velveteen pants I made last year are already showing signs of wear, so I figured I’d better make an additional pair before they completely fall apart. While last year’s pants are super comfortable I do find the semi-fitted legs seem a bit plain and boring, so this time around I went for a more pronounced wide-legged shape. As… Read more »

A round-up and some plans

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To my pleasant surprise I managed to complete 25 sewing and knitting projects in 2016. As most of my crafting takes place in short increments of time, especially now that my daughter no longer naps during the day, I often feel like I get very little done. Well, apparently just spending half an hour here and there pays off and… Read more »

The belated summer blouse: Burdastyle 06/2016 # 118

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Oops, it is already November and I still have a couple of unblogged summer garments. It has been a bit quiet here for the past few months. I am in the middle of completing my dissertation and spending time on blog posts seems a bit frivolous at the moment. Writing this dissertation has become such a long-drawn-out process and even… Read more »

Another Burda oldie: skirt in Dutch Wax

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First of all, I should tell you what a pleasant suprise I got a couple of weeks ago: Rhonda Buss of Rhonda’s Creative Life featured my blog, as well as Zoubi Zoubisou, in her Wednesday Showcase series! I have followed Rhonda’s blog for a while now and really enjoy getting to know new bloggers through her Wednesday Showcase posts. It… Read more »

Going nautical: wide-leg sailor jeans

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To be honest, I was never that much into nautical fashion, nor that fond of wide-leg pants. I changed my mind, however, after browsing the 1934 issues of Allers Mönster-Tidning. Suddenly I felt compelled to make a pair of wide-leg sailor pants. I remembered seeing a pattern for sailor pants in one of my older Burda magazines. Although the rise… Read more »

Burdastyle baby/toddler ruffle blouse

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While I do not post every single item of clothing I make for my daughter (it probably takes longer to photograph and write about baby leggings than actually make them), I still feel a bit guilty that I don’t sew her things more often, especially because there is no lack of suitable fabric scaps in my stash. The fabric of… Read more »