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Conquering UFOs: another black skirt completed!

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Many of the garments that take me ages to finish are entirely black or other dark-coloured solids. Perhaps the idea of walking around in colourful prints motivates me to complete garmens in a timely manner. In daily life, however, I wear black just as often, which is also one of the reasons why I chose to make the skirt that… Read more »

Classic Burda: twist top

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Although I only buy Burdastyle a couple of times per year at the most, I have accumulated quite a stack of magazines. Most editions that I picked up myself date from 2004 to the present and while I don’t remember why I bought some issues to begin with in others I keep discovering patterns I would like to try out…. Read more »

New Year’s resolutions mixed with Dutch wax

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Happy New Year, dear readers, I hope it’s a good one! I spent the last week of 2015 in the Netherlands. It was the first time in three years that I celebrated Christmas Day with my parents, sister, brother and partners/children. Last year we were too exhausted from moving and the previous year I was too pregnant. Luckily, I managed… Read more »

A trench-style skirt for winter

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With the end of the year drawing near I figured it was about time I’d finish this skirt that I almost completed in January already. I know I’m not the only who prefers to sewing garments in fancy prints while neglecting basics in solid colours. However, as I tend to have trouble finding affordable black skirts that go with everything… Read more »

A 40s-style blouse in 50s fabric

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Now that I completed the short jacket that had been lying around in its nearly-finished state for seven years, I felt inspired to take on more UFO’s. I should admit that I am a slow sewer and always have a couple of works in progress lying around, but those are usually finished within a couple of weeks or months. As… Read more »

Celebrating the last weeks of summer with a watermelon skirt

August is drawing to a close and yet it feels as if summer has just begun. It was so cold and cloudy until the beginning of this month that I had decided not to make any more summer garments but instead skip ahead to autumn. But then the weather changed and the need for a new summer skirt arose. I… Read more »

A gathering of flowers

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One of the reasons for starting this blog is the thought that I might be more inclined to complete my projects if I document my progress and have the chance to show the results to others. I must confess that I have the tendency to leave garments unfinished when encountering an obstacle or when I can’t decide on how to… Read more »

Throwback to the 90’s: tie dye blouse

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Let it be clear: when I wrote that I am interested in the fashion of bygone eras and love to sew more vintage-inspired garments I was not referring to the 1990’s. As I was a teenager throughout most of the 90’s, I can remember them vividly and I am neither feeling nostalgic about this time-period, nor do I find the… Read more »

Baby dress in vintage cotton

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This first real post is devoted to the dress I made for my daughter this spring. The pattern I used is baby dress #147 from Burda 09/2013. I made this dress in the exact same size once before as a present to my niece’s first birthday, using printed corduroy. This time I made a more summery version for my daughter… Read more »