Conquering UFOs: another black skirt completed!

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Many of the garments that take me ages to finish are entirely black or other dark-coloured solids. Perhaps the idea of walking around in colourful prints motivates me to complete garmens in a timely manner. In daily life, however, I wear black just as often, which is also one of the reasons why I chose to make the skirt that forms the subject of today’s post: #121 from Burdastyle Magazine September 2009.

Bergromanze, Mode 4

Burdastyle 09/2009 #121. This image from shows the skirt more clearly than the one in my magazine.

The skirt is part of a fantastic folklore-inspired collection, poetically called Bergromanze on the German website. I love almost every item in this collection, although I haven’t been very active when it comes to sewing them. I started making and nearly completed this skirt shortly after buying the magazine, which means at least six years ago. All that was left to do before I abandoned it was gathering and attaching the ruffle to the skirt and finishing the hem and waistband.


My version of Burdastyle 09/2009 #121. I omitted the trim, but looking at the photographs of my skirt I think it could use some additional embellishment.

I remember going to Stoff och Stil looking for fabric to make this skirt. This is quite unusal as I tend to buy fabric first and then try to find a matching pattern. The fabric is some kind of lightweight wool blend with a nice drape that doesn’t crease or wrinkle. Unfortunately, it is also the worst cat hair magnet, so I don’t expect to wear this skirt around the house much. It takes about half a lint roller for it to look presentable.

Bergromanze TZ, Mode 4, Technische Zeichnung


The pattern itself is very fast and easy, especially when leaving out the ruffle, trims and lining like I did with a version I made almost three years ago. That skirt, which I gave to my mother who still wears it regularly, is made of moss green baby cord and more casual in style.


Eleven knife pleats in the front.


Three box pleats in the back.

This pattern features many pleats, but these are all straight and fast to sew, at least when using a stable fabric. Hemming is easy too. The hemline is perfectly horizontal, which also makes this an excellent pattern for border prints.

Despite the pattern’s simplicity, I think the design is close to genius. The sophisticated placement of the pleats and the length to which they are sewn shut makes for a flattering silhouette. The front pleats, though, have one disadvantage; they overlap causing the waistline to be quite thick and stiff in the center front.


Here I am wearing the skirt with a vintage velvet wrap top and thrifted green lace-up boots.

Around the time I started on this skirt I had seen an expensive ready-to-wear skirt with a side button closure. Liking the look of it, as well as seeing an opportunity to get rid of all those small buttons in my stash, I decided to recreate this closure. In yet another buttonhole-avoiding move – and because it looks pretty – I used ready made button loop trim. The small, fabric-covered buttons I salvaged from a worn-out cardigan. This closure was more work than a zipper, but I like the old-fashioned look of it.


Close-up of the side button closure. The waistband closes with a hook and an eye.

The main reason for not finishing this skirt right away was my indecisiveness regarding the decorations around the hemline. First I was not sure if I wanted to add the ruffle and experimented with making a different type of ruffle trim. Then I sewed on a couple of ribbons only to remove them again. In the end I decided to go with a plain ruffle, but as I did not have a gathering foot at the time I kept postponing it. Life happened and I lost sight of the skirt until it finally emerged after our last move. Last winter it was still uncomfortably tight, but this autumn it fit me better, so there were no more reasons not to complete this skirt.

Looking at the pictures of my skirt, though, I think the ruffle hangs a bit limply. Perhaps I will sew a ribbon or trim over it. I still have the trim that I had intended to be placed beneath the ruffle, as well as black velvet ribbons of several widths. Now I just have to decide what ribbon to use…

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to complete five ongoing projects before starting a new one. This is #3/5.

Fabric: Stoff och Stil
Buttons: salvaged from old cardigan


2 thoughts on “Conquering UFOs: another black skirt completed!

  1. Martine

    Hi Iris , you look really beautiful in that skirt. I’ve been looking for the pattern on the internet but unfortunately I couldn’t find it. Could you possibly scan me the pattern and /or indications ? I’m a beginner so I need to be guided and the drawing isn’t enough for me.

    Thanks in advance


    1. iris Post author

      Thank you, Martina! It’s a pity the pattern is not available online. I am not that experienced at scanning patterns, but will give it a try after the weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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