Butterick 5920 as a peplum top

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This post might be a bit boring, because it is about yet another short-sleeved peplum top made of flowery fabric. In addition, it is based on the same pattern that I used for the dress I wrote about a couple of weeks ago: Butterick 5920. To make matters even worse I am blogging my creations in the wrong order, as… Read more »

A gathering of flowers

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One of the reasons for starting this blog is the thought that I might be more inclined to complete my projects if I document my progress and have the chance to show the results to others. I must confess that I have the tendency to leave garments unfinished when encountering an obstacle or when I can’t decide on how to… Read more »

Silver Scissors: a pattern system (updated March 2018)

Lutterloh is probably the most famous and long-lived pattern system employing miniature pattern pieces that are enlarged based on one’s hip or bust size with the help of a special measure. While Lutterloh is still going strong, many more pattern systems of this kind existed in the past. Just this week there were auctions on eBay for booklets and systems… Read more »

Retro summer dress: Butterick 5920

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Earlier this year, Butterick had a sale, which prompted me to order several of the Retro Style patterns that I had been dreaming of making ever since I first came across them a couple of years ago. Having stuff sent from the USA to Sweden is expensive, so to make the most out of the shipping costs I ended up… Read more »

Serger initiation: baby pants and hat

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Since the beginning of this year I am the happy, but still inexperienced owner of a serger. Before I had my daughter I was not that interested in sewing with knits and never felt the need for having an overlock machine. But then I started to notice all these cosy velour baby pants in the shops that looked like they… Read more »

Vintage sewing for children: some Swedish patterns

When moving back to Malmö last autumn I was looking forward to rummaging around the local charity shops and buying lots of vintage sewing patterns. Since then I have only been able to find a few adult patterns in or around my own size that I can imagine sewing up one day. It soon turned out that Tradera (the Swedish… Read more »

Throwback to the 90’s: tie dye blouse

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Let it be clear: when I wrote that I am interested in the fashion of bygone eras and love to sew more vintage-inspired garments I was not referring to the 1990’s. As I was a teenager throughout most of the 90’s, I can remember them vividly and I am neither feeling nostalgic about this time-period, nor do I find the… Read more »

Baby dress in vintage cotton

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This first real post is devoted to the dress I made for my daughter this spring. The pattern I used is baby dress #147 from Burda 09/2013. I made this dress in the exact same size once before as a present to my niece’s first birthday, using printed corduroy. This time I made a more summery version for my daughter… Read more »

First post

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Welcome to my blog! I am new to blogging, so I do not know exactly at this point how this blog will turn out. At the moment, I think it will mostly be devoted to sewing and possibly a bit of knitting. I have been sewing for 20+ years now, but think my skills are still quite limited. Sometimes I… Read more »