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Vintage Pussy Bow Blouse

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While I should probably be focussing on finishing the two or three winter garments I have been working on lately, I really felt like taking on a vintage pattern and chose to make this short-sleeved pussy bow blouse instead. The pattern, Record 539, is undated, but enclosed in the envelope I found a tutorial with the year 1949 printed on… Read more »

More plans for 2016: Vintage Pattern Pledge

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Sewing has been a bit slow for the past few weeks, due to my daughter’s birthday, visitors coming over and the colds and general fatigue that I can’t seem to avoid this time of the year. Instead I have been plotting some future projects. As I want to make better use of my small collection of vintage patterns I couldn’t… Read more »

A knitted keyhole scarf from 1948

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Despite its modest size, the scarf of today’s post is quite a big milestone, as it is the first knitted item I completed for myself in many many years. As far as I remember, the last time I actually wore a garment I knitted myself was in secondary school when I made a couple of grungy sweaters using the thickest… Read more »

More Silver Scissors!

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While I am waiting for an opportunity to take pictures of my latest completed garment – a black skirt that does not photograph well during these dark and cloudy days – I thought I might as well write a post about the Silver Scissors ring binder I found on Tradera last month. I first came across the Silver Scissors pattern… Read more »

Experiments with Silver Scissors: Single Seam Skirt

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Back in July I devoted a post to the Silver Scissors pattern system. So far, I have made muslins for a fitted bodice and a skirt and hopefully I will soon be able to create a real wearable item using this system. Today’s post documents my recent experience with drafting a simple skirt based on one of the miniature patterns… Read more »

Latest thrift store finds

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Soon I hope to be able to write about some of my completed and ungoing sewing projects, but as I had such a good haul at the thrift store yesterday I decided to do a round up of some of my latest second hand finds. (And photographing pattern envelopes and other small things is more pleasant than taking pictures of… Read more »

Butterick 5920 as a peplum top

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This post might be a bit boring, because it is about yet another short-sleeved peplum top made of flowery fabric. In addition, it is based on the same pattern that I used for the dress I wrote about a couple of weeks ago: Butterick 5920. To make matters even worse I am blogging my creations in the wrong order, as… Read more »

Silver Scissors: a pattern system (updated March 2018)

Lutterloh is probably the most famous and long-lived pattern system employing miniature pattern pieces that are enlarged based on one’s hip or bust size with the help of a special measure. While Lutterloh is still going strong, many more pattern systems of this kind existed in the past. Just this week there were auctions on eBay for booklets and systems… Read more »

Retro summer dress: Butterick 5920

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Earlier this year, Butterick had a sale, which prompted me to order several of the Retro Style patterns that I had been dreaming of making ever since I first came across them a couple of years ago. Having stuff sent from the USA to Sweden is expensive, so to make the most out of the shipping costs I ended up… Read more »

Vintage sewing for children: some Swedish patterns

When moving back to Malmö last autumn I was looking forward to rummaging around the local charity shops and buying lots of vintage sewing patterns. Since then I have only been able to find a few adult patterns in or around my own size that I can imagine sewing up one day. It soon turned out that Tradera (the Swedish… Read more »